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Who We Are

Design, Innovation and Technology

Since our establishment in 2008, MIDS grow rapidly and from strength to strength. In the face of intense competition and diversified needs of a growing customer base, we have expanded our portfolio of productized solutions and services to our customers across the globe. We have thus been able to help our partners optimize cost structures, create increased subscriber loyalty and accelerate revenue growth.

We have established our presence across the world – in Asia, Middle East and America. Our expertise in technology and mobility solutions enables us to provide differentiated offerings across the globe and ensure timely delivery against commitments, regardless of the on-the-ground conditions.

MIDS is an internationally active company with offices in three locations across USA and Asia, where our 200+ full time employees working on development and maintenance of our products and services.

Our international office locations allow easy client access, communication and service delivery. Our experts are able to take advantage of the long established and expanding private and public networks boosted by our locations. Our global head office is in USA, and we have 2 other offices in New Delhi, India and Afghanistan. MIDS is registered company in USA, India and Afghanistan.