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Airtime Advance Credit

Airtime advance credit is a service, which allows users to request a credit advance from the Operator each time they are in need, thus generating additional minutes of usage in the network. Upon need, a user may request an emergency top-up via a USSD, IVR, SMS or Mobile App, and the system will offer the corresponding amount within seconds. If accepted, the advance will be made available immediately with the validity period as defined by the Operator, and will be recovered when the user tops-up again.


Benefits for the Telcom

Credit Risk and Capital Expenditure (Capex) – MiDS carries all the credit risk associated with the advances and also bears the full Capital Expenditure cost of implementation

Revenue enhancement – This solution turns dropped calls and “Call me back” into airtime sales. Most of the sales of emergency airtime advances are incremental revenue for the Telco.

Enabling lower ARPU subscribers to increase their monthly spent – In increasingly competitive and mature telecoms environments, this product enhances the brand, engenders loyalty and reduces churn for Telco

Marketing  – The Telco has the right to brand and advertise the product

Platform for nano-lending - Distribution of micro credit products is one of the most promising Value Addition Service for the mobile platform. MODE’s solution provides the requisite data and test case to enable further development of similar micro-loan products

MIDS carries all the credit risk associated with the advances as it buys the advanced airtime in bulk and in advance from the Telco. It also carries all the capex cost of implementing the solution.


Benefits for the Subscriber

Convenience – offering convenience whenever you need it wherever you are. Very often the need to make a call arises when a subscriber is not able to top up conventionally (late at night, in traffic, no loose change, in the middle of an important call e.t.c).

Inexpensive in absolute and relative costs – Often the total costs of physical recharge is higher due to inconvenience (drive/walk to nearest kiosk e.t.c).

Small amounts – People at the bottom of the pyramid are averse to significant debt. They are comfortable with short-term micro/nano loans- nano airtime advances fall into this category.