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Digitalization and Data Management

Expert in document scanning solution, indexing and data processing

MiDS Consulting with its unique expertise in the scanning, digitalization and data processing field is the only Afghan company that can handle the large-scale digitalization projects in Afghanistan. Currently with over 70 fulltime well trained staff; we are able to sort, scan and index 60,000 documents per day. We combined the technology with expertise and experience to achieve highest quality output. Through a network of international partners like Fujitsu, Kofax and Microsoft; MiDS Consulting is able to provide market standard technology and quality to its clients in Afghanistan.

MiDS Consulting converts paper documents to secure, accessible digital files with high quality document scanning services in Afghanistan. Our advanced scanning solutions are suitable for all types of documents, such as forms and financial records, government documents, books and magazines – right through to large format maps, plans and drawings.

Our high-speed, high-volume and large format scanning services help to eliminate paper, manage your workflow, maintain best practice and even create virtual workplaces. Digital conversion is the best way to protect and future-proof your information archive.

Our high-speed heavy-duty scanners along with our customized design software are unique in Afghanistan as we are developing our indexing software in-house. Our software engineers are experts in developing customized indexing and data indexing software and databases.

Manage, protect and access your information with commercial document scanning in Melbourne

We work with large organizations with extensive document processes and archives, through to small businesses in Afghanistan in a range of industries. From small projects to bulk document scanning solutions and back scanning, MiDS Consulting makes the conversion process easy.

Our commercial scanning services enables your business to smoothly transition to a paperless office and ensures you’re 100% prepared for future growth and development. By scanning your existing records or documents, you will not only eliminate clutter around your office, you’re safeguarding your business and integrating with the digitalization of the commercial world.

MiDS has the experience and knowhow to meet your exact requirements. We can offer a tailored and affordable document scanning service to suit your needs.

Benefits of MiDS digitalization, scanning and indexing services:

  • Reduce the cost of locating, copying and recreating valuable documents
  • Streamline workflow processes and improve productivity
  • Minimize risks of regulatory exposure, fines and penalties
  • Increase security of customer information from unauthorized access
  • Ability to respond quickly to resolve all customer needs
  • All in one solutions. From supplying hardware and software to developing customized MIS, DMS and CRM
  • In-house scanning facilities with over 70 well trained staff and equipped with latest technologies
  • Strong partnership with Fujitsu, Kofax and Microsoft for market standard technologies
  • We have a team of expert software engineers and database developers for developing customized application and software
  • We are able to provide scanning services in client location anywhere in Afghanistan
  • We scanned over 12,000,000 pages up to now plus extracting the data from them.
  • We are the only Afghan company that is active in digitalization and data processing in Afghanistan.